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About Us
About Us

IAS Tour Guide and IAS Technology (formerly Integrated Audio Systems, Inc) was established in 1993. IAS is an audiovisual systems integration firm dedicated to sales, design, project management, installation, and service of professional audio/video systems. We serve a wide variety of markets including corporate enterprise, higher education, medical simulation, command and control centers, conference and training rooms, houses of worship, tour guides and any other facility with audiovisual systems. Although our central Illinois headquarters gives us the advantage to have a quick response time to regional clients, IAS provides worldwide conferencing and system solutions with our strategic APEx global partner. IAS will standardize solutions and the user experience locally to ensure quality while managing and implementing integrated solutions across the country and throughout the world. IAS has a team of certified design and installation professionals who follow all AVIXA International Standards, and we have been designated as an Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association APEx (Audiovisual Provider of Excellence) company.

IAS Technology provides a unique experience to our clients. One that focuses primarily on client satisfaction. We understand that finding an audiovisual solution for complex problems can be a daunting task. Our goal is to develop world class solutions using quality equipment, professional installation, and intuitive system operation.

At IAS, our mission is simple: make technology an asset for your business or organization and not a problem. We strive to make technology integrate seamlessly with your business to help you spend more time on your business. IAS has worked directly with a wide variety of clients small and large, including several Fortune 100’s.

Our desire at IAS is to provide a friendly, fair, creative, rewarding, and profitable work environment for our team. This includes not only quality of life and benefits, but a continued investment in the education and training of each team member. Our belief is that our team of skilled professionals is our most important asset and what makes IAS successful.

About us

Industry Standards & Certification

IAS Technology supports and seeks to elevate the audiovisual industry worldwide. For this reason, we are heavily involved with Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association (AVIXA), including all standards, education, and certification. We follow all industry standards as detailed in the following websites:



Why Purchase a Wireless Tour Guide System From Us?

Knowledgeable Sales Staff:

Over 20 years experience in designing wireless tour guide systems for a broad spectrum of clients (see our client list). Chances are we have already designed and sold a system similar to what you are looking for.

Prompt Response:

Our goal is to contact you the same day we receive your inquiry. A formal proposal for a ‘standard’ system is typically e-mailed within 24 hours. More sophisticated systems within 48 hours.

Painless Service Procedure:

If a component ever needs service, just call our 800 number. We will e-mail you a return authorization form that you insert into the box containing the component. You ship it directly to the manufacturer. We will call you with a repair estimate (if it’s not covered under the two year warranty) and you decide whether you want it repaired. Once approved, the manufacturer will ship the repaired unit directly back to you. If you ship it UPS Red Next Day, they will repair it in one day and ship it back to you via UPS Red the next day!

What Makes Our Systems Different?

Unmatched Reliability:

About Us

All of the receivers and transmitters are made in America. They are quality built components that are built to last. No plastic microphones with non-detachable cables. No tuning coils that drift off frequency when a receiver is dropped. No needing to replace a system after three years of touring because it ‘just didn’t hold up’. We have clients that just replaced their systems after 20 years of 5 days per week, 3.5 hours per day, multi-factory tours… not because the systems stopped working…because they wanted the latest features and flexibility that the newest systems offer. When they amortized the cost of the systems over this timeframe it worked out to mere pennies per tour! They currently own 60 systems that are spread across multiple factory sites. So don’t be fooled by low initial purchase price. The true test is ‘overall cost of ownership’. This not only includes initial purchase price, but battery usage, service repairs, avoiding having to purchase back-up receivers because ‘we just can’t count on the system working when we need it’, minimal system hygiene costs, and the list goes on and on……

Nobody beats our system reliability!

Equipment Performance:

Full and rich audio quality. No more ‘thin, telephonic’ sounding audio. Extended bass with clearly defined high frequencies provides the quality that today’s audio-savvy consumer is accustomed to hearing. Antenna system provides excellent range and sensitive receivers work reliably in difficult RF environments

True Cost of Ownership:

There are multiple factors that make up this cost:

  • Initial Purchase Price: This is the most obvious qualifier. However, it is also the most deceptive. Over the life of the system the initial cost is only a small portion of the system’s overall cost.
  • System Management: This is the largest cost of a wireless tour guide system. Unfortunately, it is often overlooked or overshadowed by low initial purchase price. When a company considers tour guide salaries and how much of the tour guide’s time ends up being spent on ‘managing’ the tour guide system (i.e. changing batteries, troubleshooting reception problems, coordinating and expediting repairs. etc.), the true cost of the system comes into better focus. Our systems have the lowest management costs of all tour guide systems.
  • System Maintenance: Once again, an issue that is commonly overlooked yet significantly affects cost of ownership. Not until a company has purchased and started using a ‘high maintenance’ system does it realize the real cost of ownership. Other systems have a reputation of not holding up well. These are not occasional repair / maintenance costs, they are on-going problems due to basic economic considerations when the equipment was being designed for assistive listening in the house of worship market.