ListenTALK Tour Guide Systems

Simple to use. Push-to-talk conversations. Secure encrypted communications. That’s what ListenTALK from Listen Technologies is all about. Plus, we are so confident about this brand’s capabilities that we have made it one of our premier offerings. If you are a tour guide or frequently run training sessions in plants and factories, these systems are for you. IAS Tour Guide can help, whether you’re running a tour in a quiet museum setting or in a high-noise environment full of running machinery and equipment. Thus, these systems are perfect for tour guide situations for their ease of use. Because these situations often present acoustical challenges, like ambient noise or interference from other tour groups, you need something that will solve your daily operational problems. ListenTALK helps all participants communicate and enjoy a positive experience.

About ListenTALK

ListenTALK is a smart two-way tour guide system that goes above and beyond the traditional tour guide applications for a truly seamless experience. Consequently, it features the latest in wireless technology as an all-in-one device. Thus, this fosters collaboration and communication between two or more parties. It adapts to any situation or noise environment for a trusted experience every time. Best part is, ListenTALK transceivers don’t take long to set up and pair – less than a second in fact!

The secure connections are simple and flexible. Choose from three participant modes:

  • Listen
  • Respond
  • And, discuss

Easily configure your groups and users via the docking station tray. Designed with flexibility at the forefront, you can now meet and exceed the demands of any environment. This is true from museums and schools to factory floors and warehouses. So, it’s time you made a positive and lasting impression on your tour or training group with ListenTALK’s wireless tour guide systems.

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