Plant Floor Communication

Plant Floor Communication
Plant Floor Communication

Plant Floor Communication Allows for Better Clarity and Sound

Improving plant floor communication is as easy as donning a headset. Of course, not just any old headset! You need a state-of-the-art wireless system from IAS Tour Guide. We understand that you, as the owner of a plant or warehouse, have to contend with loud noises all day every day. When conducting tours of your facility or training new workers, raising your voice to be heard over all the machinery can be frustrating and tiring. Not to mention, it’s not very effective because you may have to repeat yourself so everyone can hear you. With our plant communication systems, even the people in the back can hear you as part of a big training session. Our headsets are lightweight, affordable and efficient to use.

We have the devices that can provide you with the clarity and ambient noise reduction you crave in order to successfully carry on a conversation at work. Our hands-free systems alleviate background noise and distance issues all while boosting clarity. Plus, you’re free to more readily move about or complement your presentation with a tablet.

Why Choose a Plant Floor Communication System?

From better clarity to noise attenuation, there are several reasons why you should choose a factory floor communication system. Following are a few:

  • Less distracting to other employees
  • Higher levels of clarity
  • Ambient noise reduction
  • Portability
  • Reduce liability (so people can hear your safety messages)
  • Ability to control pace and flow of presentation
  • Professional presentation
  • No need to yell
  • Convenient carry case
Plant Floor Communication

Convenience is the #1 benefit to improving your plant floor communication. Don’t waste your time or your voice shouting to be heard. Get seamless communication right on the plant floor with our convenient headsets and headphones.

Contact IAS Tour Guide for Plant Floor Communication

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