Portable Microphones

Portable Microphones
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Portable Microphones For Versatile Communication

IAS Tour Guide is your source for portable microphones designed to make your job easier. For our tour and training sets, portable microphones give you hands-free operation to conduct your tour or training session with ease. We also have portable microphones as part of our executive tour option. Our available products include handheld wireless microphones or head-worn microphones with belt clip transmitters as part of a full duplex system. This means tour guides, plant managers and attendees can all talk at the same time, just like a telephone. And with no push-to-talk buttons to depress before you can speak, this option is one of our most popular.

Microphones: Meeting any Challenge

We know how challenging being a tour guide can be when you’re on the move. You don’t want to be tethered to a microphone that needs an outlet to work. Our headsets and portable microphones work in conjunction for easier communication. Hands-free operation…economical options…lightweight systems… these are all reliable features of our microphones. You can even use them in factory settings or in museums as you give guided tours: whatever your need, IAS Tour Guide has the solution.

Portable Microphones

We offer only the best products from the most trusted manufacturers, such as Williams Sound, COMTEK and ListenTALK. Because we work with leading developers of specialty wireless communication equipment, you get superior quality and clarity every time. Additionally, we proudly support American manufacturers, ensuring your 100 percent satisfaction with long-lasting, durable portable microphones. Our sensitive receivers work even in difficult RF (radio frequency) environments.

Contact IAS Tour Guide for Portable Microphones

Learn more about our collection of portable microphones for tour guides and plant managers on our website or call us to learn more. Contact IAS Tour Guide at 800-500-8005 or locally at 309-693-1916.