3 people using DigiWave tour guide looking up
Top Down View of Digi-Wave 1 x 11 all Trx system

Wireless Tour Guide Systems

  • One-Way Systems
  • Two-Way Systems
image of a plant floor

Plant Floor Communication

The plant floor is the heart of your business. It’s where ideas and parts become innovative products. Seamless communication on the plant floor is essential to efficiency. The ListenTALK wireless communication system is built to meet the challenges of ANY environment.

Tour Guide Solutions

VIP & Executive Tour Systems

VIP tours work seamlessly when using ListenTALK as the push of a button delivers two-way talk and collaboration while easily configurable on the fly. The sleek design offers multiple options for wearing as well.

communications technology

Interpretation Systems

Do you have a multilingual audience at your school, corporate office, courtroom or house of worship? Our Digi-Wave two-way systems can be reprogrammed for language interpretation. Our systems can accommodate up to 14 interpreters with no limit to the number of listeners.