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Tour Guide System
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Easy-to-Use Tour Guide System Offers Seamless Connection

IAS Tour Guide is your source for state-of-the-art wireless one-way and two-way tour guide systems that can make your tour experience easier. Our systems help alleviate background noise and distance issues that may crop up with guided tours. This happens in a variety of different environments. As a tour guide provider, you want the whole process to go smoothly and with no interference. Our systems are lightweight, economical, easy-to-use and hands-free for times when PA amplification is just not feasible. It’s time for everyone to hear you easily! Choose IAS Tour Guide for a full-range of tour guide system products.

About Our Tour Guide Systems

Here at IAS Tour Guide, we only use top of the line products from proven manufacturers, such as Williams Sound, COMTEK and ListenTALK. We pride ourselves on working with leading developers of specialty wireless communication equipment. Our custom-tailored systems will meet your specific requirements, whether you are running museum tours, factory training, employee training or school tours. Our wireless tour guide systems feature superior audio clarity while reducing ambient noise so you as the tour guide can better control the pace of your presentation. Whether you need to transmit to two people or 200, the clarity is the same. You won’t believe how easy our systems are to use, with maximum benefits realized by tour guides and attendees alike.

Choose from one-way and two-way tour guide systems. One-way involves one presenter talking while everyone else listens on their headsets. Two-way allows anyone in the group to talk freely. These systems are much more sophisticated than walkie-talkies, which involve pressing and releasing buttons before and after speaking.

Contact IAS Tour Guide for Tour Guide Systems

If you are interested in learning more about our tour guide systems, please call IAS Tour Guide at 800-500-8005 or locally at 309-693-1916.