Tour Guide Systems Illinois

Tour Guide Systems Illinois
Tour Guide Systems Illinois

Wireless Tour Guide Systems in Illinois Provide Effortless Connection

IAS Tour Guide is your source for state of the art wireless one-way and two-way tour guide systems in Illinois that can provide effortless connection. Our nation-wide systems are designed to make your tour experience easier. This is so you don’t have to project your voice and can communicate more smoothly. They help alleviate background noise and distance issues that are a challenge for guided tours. Plus, they are lightweight, economical, easy to use and hands-free. IAS Tour Guide, established in 1993, is part of an audiovisual systems integration firm. We offer sales, design, project management, installation and service of professional audio/video systems.

Tour Guide Systems Illinois

About Our Tour Guide Systems

We provide many options for our clients, mainly within our one-way and two-way tour guide systems. One-way involves one presenter talking while everyone else listens on their headsets. Two-way allows anyone in the group to talk freely. More sophisticated than walkie-talkies, you don’t have to press and release buttons before and after speaking. Our systems are unique in that we can size them to meet your current tour guide requirements and then expand them as your program grows.

With our tour guide systems in Illinois, you get:

  • Superior audio clarity, no ambient noise and naturalness of tone.
  • Sensitive receivers that work even in the most challenging RF environments.
  • Extended battery life. Proprietary low drain circuitry allows receivers to operate 100 hours on two AA alkaline batteries, while transmitters operate up to 12 hours on a 9V alkaline battery. You can also choose from a rechargeable nickel-metal hydride battery and a “smart” 12-port charger.
  • Automatic “shut off” that kicks in whenever you unplug the headphone from the receiver.

We feel confident you will choose IAS Tour Guide, as we have been in this industry for more than 22 years. Sensitive, durable and flexible, our one- and two-way systems can more than meet your needs.

Contact IAS Tour Guide in Illinois

If you are interested to learn more about our wireless tour guide systems in Illinois, please contact IAS Tour Guide at 800-500-8005 or email us at We are located at 7706 N Crestline Drive in Peoria, IL.