VIP & Executive Tour Systems

VIP & Executive Tour Systems

Use Cases

Kaizen is the Japanese word for “improvement”. The Kaizen philosophy aims for improvements in productivity, effectiveness, safety, and waste production. ListenTALK is a mobile communication system that allows communication and collaboration among two or more people in any setting including noisy work environments. With ListenTALK, employees are able to safely and effectively communicate work processes on the factory floor and management and executive teams are able to identify inefficiencies.

VIP tours work seamlessly when using ListenTALK as the push of a button delivers two-way talk and collaboration while easily configurable on the fly. The sleek design offers multiple options for wearing. Customize the experience with VIP naming on the transceivers and choice of a headset or personal earbud/headphones.

VIP & Executive Tour Systems

System Description

ListenTALK is a two-way mobile communication system that enables leaders to communicate with participants, and allows participants to reply by simply pressing a button.

  • Simple – The push of a button offers two-way talk and collaboration
  • Customize –– Custom group naming
  • Flexible – Easily configure on the fly using near field communication (NFC) and choice of headsets
  • Reliable – Global technology operates in 1.9 GHz band (not the crowded TV spectrum)
  • Versatile – Up to 10 simultaneous groups with a range of up to 100M indoors and 200M outdoors


ListenTALK is an all-in-one device that both transmits and receives—with one SKU you have everything you need to get started.

Customize the experience with these accessory items:

  • Headset Options

    Choose one of five custom headset options or works with any 3.5mm jack accessory.

  • Docking Tray

    Convenient docking station specifically designed to charge, store, and program/update ListenTALK transceivers and headsets.

  • Charging Case

    Docking station and carrying case to charge, store, program/update, and transport ListenTALK tranceivers and headsets.